Regarding Dajie Black

Born in 1996. She sprang, fully Seattle-grown, with a notebook full of foxcore lyrics, barrettes, fringe and Mary Janes. (almost simultaneously, the advent of the Internet in medieval Greece was heralded)

MIA 1999-2002 (somewhere in the dark halls of Canterbury Law Tales where unspeakable things occurred; do not ask her about these years unless you want her to start screeching like a banshee into the night)

Death certificate issued 2004. (somewhere on a stage, a choir chanted, “Smyrni keeeeeeegeeeeeeteeeeeeee….” )

2008: The resurrection or reincarnation, if you will, of Dajieblack, lazy blogger. This has resulted in snippets appearing from the diary of an almost 28-year-old do-nuthin & everythin.

Stay tuned; she is fragile and may not be with us long….


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